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Back to School Prepping with Elizabeth Savetsky

Mom and fashion blogger Elizabeth Savetsky knows how to save time and stay safe while getting ready for Back to School season. After her recent move to Dallas from NYC, Elizabeth ditched other rideshares for Alto and is ready to ride into the school year in style.

First things first - What are your fall fashion favorites for Back to School season?

Animal print! Leopard is always a fall favorite and snakeskin is having a moment, especially for footwear! I’m also excited to embrace the collegiate trend with masculine checked blazers and loafers. Silk neck scarfs are also making a comeback, so it’s time to raid your mama’s closet! 

How is Alto helping you prep for back to school? 

I feel like the Alto backseat is my other office.  I work from my phone, so being able to work while I’m in transit is a huge time saver for me! 

Would you take it through the carpool line?

Would I? I have!! When I first moved to Dallas from NYC I didn’t have a car yet, so I took my two daughters to camp in an Alto car every day! They think it is so funny! They love choosing the playlist for our drive!

What has the transition from NYC to Dallas been like?  What has been the biggest adjustment?

Every part of life has been totally different. We came from an apartment on the 33rd floor to a house on a gated street. Everything there was available at my fingertips and delivered to my home from eggs and milk to hair styling services. NYC was never a place I had to deal with carpool or grocery runs or even driving a car. Alto has really helped ease that transition and made me feel like it’s ok to take my time getting used to this new suburban life. I am still too nervous to drive on the highway, so I am glad Alto is just a click away. 

What is your favorite Alto feature?

I can only pick one? As a mom, it would have to be how safe I feel in an Alto! Especially when I’m traveling with my kids, I want a reliable, cautious driver, who I know I can trust. I’ve had some pretty scary experiences with other car service apps, and I’ve never felt anything but completely secure in an Alto. I trust their drivers more than I trust myself behind the wheel. 

What is your "vibe"?

90’s country!! It feels on brand for our time in Texas. I want my girls to learn the music I grew up on, like Tim McGraw and the Dixie Chicks! 

And when you’re all set for back to school - what’s your favorite place to Alto to celebrate with friends?

My favorite time to meet up with girlfriends is happy hour. I love to skip bathtime and dinner with my daughters and have my husband or babysitter handle it for a change! I’m dying to check out some of the fun local spots like The Henry and Tulum. I would never ever drink and drive so I’m so happy to have Alto available to shuttle me home after an evening of cocktails and laughter! They even have water in the backseat so I can rehydrate and avoid hangovers!!

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