Bring on the May flowers

Bring on the May flowers

If you rode with us on Earth Day, you might have taken home your very own package of Gardenuity marigold seeds. We’ve got our fingers crossed you see some May flowers soon! This week we’re catching up with Gardenuity co-founder Donna Letier to talk about growing everything from startups to herbs. Keep your eyes out for an invitation to our first Alto Member Event taking place at Gardenuity in May.

How did you start Gardenuity?

My co-founder Julie and I have inevitably gotten one question more than any other: “how did you start Gardenuity?” I always say, “with a lot of hustle, faith, each other, and a great team.” We set out to make gardening accessible to everyone. Knowing the benefits that come from gardening and getting a little dirty, we set out to build more than just a gardening company.  We love product, we love data and we obsess over both. But at the end of the day, we didn’t want to just ship plants, plants are just the beginning, we think about all the ways gardening is good for you and all the things gardening can solve in people’s lives. So how did we start Gardenuity, we nurtured the seed of a great idea.

What is your favorite thing to keep in your garden?

Fresh seasonal herbs. I love how they look, smell and taste. We entertain a lot and having freshly harvested herbs to add to your favorite cocktail, pesto, or centerpiece is a detail that can turn any gathering into a special gathering.

What makes gardening with Gardenuity so special?

Accessibility. Size and Space. Compelling features and support. Overall community. Gardening is often synonymous with frustration, something to try every year or so and Gardenuity takes all that away.  We turn gardening dreams in to harvest realities.  Odds are if you eat veggies or enjoy fresh herbs you had or have the desire to grow your own.  Either way, you’ll love the gardening experience with Gardenuity.  The compact, customized garden kit comes with just enough practical technology to get matched to the right plant at the right time and with the right gardening materials you will need to find that gardening success we all envision.

How do you Alto?  

Airport Runs, late night meetings and early morning downtown gatherings.

What is your vibe? 

Not too cold, a little Sam Smith, and Ed Sheeran mixed with some Keith Urban

What is your favorite Alto feature?  

Safety and security for sure.

Summer or Spring? 


Flowers or herbs?

Herbs always.

Emily Bernet