On the move with Dallasites101

On the move with Dallasites101

If you’re in Dallas and you’re on Instagram, you’re probably following Dallasites101. These two are always moving and we love driving them from event to event. We’re catching up with Kara and Lily on all things Dallasites and where they’re riding Alto this summer.

How did you guys meet?

We both moved to Dallas for jobs after college, in the summer of 2014. Just a month or so after arriving, a mutual friend thought we would hit it off because we had both just graduated from similar liberal arts colleges in New England. And she was right!

What is your favorite thing about running Dallasites?

Continuously making a difference in peoples’ lives here by connecting them to various aspects of Dallas! The whole point of Dallasites101 is to be the friend who you feel like you can text, like and trust, and whenever we hear that someone has enjoyed Dallas more because of our Instagram, it makes this all worthwhile.

Are you ever exhausted from going to so many events?

YES, but no, haha. We started Dallasites101 because we’re social butterflies. We love going to events, meeting new people, and getting out and about in the city.

How do you Alto?

Alto helps us when we’re a little too plugged in. You’d probably guess that we’re on our phones a lot, and you’re right. We are also two female entrepreneurs under 30 who are very much in a start-up phase. We call for rides when we need to stay on our phones and can’t drive; or when we want to totally disconnect and relax, and not worry about driving.  

Top recommendations for places to Alto this summer?

We’ll limit ourselves to just two! First, Neighborhood Cellar in Bishop Arts. Relax over charcuterie and wine, and go for a walk around the neighborhood to check out the many shops, galleries and murals. Second, La Viuda Negra, which is a mezcal bar next door to and owned by El Come Taco. You heard it here first, the Grand Opening is set for June 10th!   

Mambos or Margaritas?

Margaritas! Really into the activated charcoal margarita at Resident Taqueria right now. Also, any spicy jalapeno margarita always has our name on it.

Concerts or Food Festivals?

Concerts! We put together this listicle about all the concerts coming up, and update it monthly. We love going to shows, from open mic at a coffee shop like Opening Bell, to karaoke at Round-Up, to a Tacos + Tunes or Sofar Sounds show, to a full blown concert at AAC! 

Emily Bernet