Rock and Roll Vibes

Rock and Roll Vibes

Maybe you’ve seen it in Oak Cliff. Maybe you’ve seen it on a famous musician. Or maybe you’ve caught the man himself stepping out of his Alto. Travis Austin’s style is the kind of unique you won’t forget. Every one of his custom leather jackets and hats tells a story, and we can’t get over their level of cool. This week, we’re diving in with Travis Austin on how he got into fashion, where he gets his inspiration, and why he rides Alto. 

How did you get into fashion?

I started a T-shirt and hat company as many young designers do, in 2014 while living in San Diego, CA. I got pretty lucky to meet some amazing people in the music and entertainment industry and was given the opportunity to create custom pieces for some well known musicians. Over the course of 2 years I created for Tiesto, G Eazy, Jauz and countless other DJs which gave me a bit of credibility to break into other genres. We opened our flagship showroom here in Dallas last year and now work for 50+ artists and athletes all over the world

What inspires your work?

Definitely music, I categorize my brand as "Rock n Roll Fashion". My showroom is filled with custom leather jackets inspired by historical rock figures and tons of really amazing original band vintage from the 70's - 90's. We work with so many musicians and their teams, and we take really great pride in being able to put ourselves into their shoes and tell their story as well as possible, through style. As well as music, inspiring confidence is my biggest inspiration. My goal is to help provide confidence to every person who walks through our doors or orders online, if I can do that, then I've accomplished my goal.

We’ve noticed you’re big on community and making connections through your work. Tell us more! 

Absolutely! Community means the world to me. I love and work in the same community everywhere I go. We are immensely proud to be a part of the Oak Cliff community and the re-development of this amazing neighborhood. We host community events monthly that are open to everyone and we donate our showroom to any artist of any medium that needs their own gallery space to show their work. If we are successful as a brand it’s because our community supports us, and I’ll do everything in my power to give back and acknowledge that.

Where do you ride Alto? 

Literally everywhere. Both my wife and I use it everywhere we go in Dallas. Dinner, Dates, Live name it and we've taken Alto there. I also LOVE using it for my clients. It’s a perfect extension of my brand and will continue to be for years to come.

What is the one Alto feature you can’t live without?

The time I gain by using Alto is invaluable to me. I have to squeeze every second out of my day so when I know all of my travel can now be used as functional work time, it’s a huge relief to me. Alto is so reliable and consistent that travel is just one less thing I have to stress about daily.

Emily Bernet