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We are elevating the standard for passenger safety. Learn about our commitment to Clean, Safe Rides. 

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Letter from the founder

We started Alto in 2018 with a simple mission to safely deliver the world’s most precious cargo: you and your family.

We built our company to provide you the safest, cleanest, and highest quality passenger experience in the world. From our fingerprint background-checked employee drivers, to our company-owned fleet of vehicles monitored in real-time, we set the industry standard.

Our promise of safety is more relevant today than ever, and we want to tell you about what we’re doing to continue to keep you and your loved ones safe.

See you on the road soon,

Will Coleman, Alto CEO

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Apple Store 08/19
Best car service in Dallas

Cars are immaculate, drivers very friendly, charging cords and waters for passengers. It’s like an executive car service. Great concept and company. Highly recommended!

– Cita5

Apple Store 04/19
Figured it out

Alto has tapped into something great. The procesional drivers, pristine cars, and excellent customer service are unparalleled to anything else. I will not use any other rideshare app when I’m in Dallas.

– nickelsbebacked

Apple Store 12/18
Consistent + Safe = The Best

Such an amazing experience from the consistent clean branded cars to the personalized preferences - Alto is the safest and most reliable car service out there!

– aus2bos

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