Vintage finds and good times

Vintage finds and good times

If you’ve never been to Flea Style in Deep Ellum, you’re missing out. As two Dallas startups, we instantly bonded over our love for supporting local artists and curating remarkable experiences. This week, we’re catching up with Flea Style founder Brittany Cobb to talk about how Flea Style got its start and why she rides Alto. Stop by the Flea Style Spring Show, this Saturday at Dallas Market Hall to shop Flea Style's incredible finds, take your picture with the Alli K Car, and meet the artist behind it, Alli Koch!

How did you come up with the idea for Flea Style?

It started as a small holiday pop up market. I wanted to shop a casual flea market in Dallas and we didn’t really have any options. So I created one myself! Over time the business grew and today we have multiple large curated pop up markets — our next is April 26th and 27th at Dallas Market Hall! — as well as a retail store in Deep Ellum, online store and podcast called Fridays with Flea Style. Everything we do supports small businesses and unique style.

How has Flea Style evolved over the years?

So much! For the first five years we just had a few small pop up markets annually as I worked full time as an interior designer. I made Flea Style my full time job in 2015 and since then have really grown our brand to encompass several retail and media outlets to create a well-rounded approach to supporting small business and handmade, vintage and one-of-a-kind lifestyle goods. We’re about to open a second store and launch a wholesale line made by our makers to sell to retail stores across the country!

What has been your best flea market find?

That’s hard! Hmmm… I would say one of my favorites is a vintage palm frond crystal lamp. It’s so simple but reminds me of my Southern California roots. I also love the fact that I scooped it up for only $10!

What do you look for when sourcing items for Flea Style?

Now that I have a store I am just on the hunt for anything 

that I think our customers want! Currently that’s boho furniture, bolo tie necklaces, small patterned rugs and white chenille blankets.

Vintage or handmade?

Oooh vintage! I love things that tell a story whether I’m wearing it or finding a special place for it in my home. But if it’s vintage and handmade even better!

Local or global?

Both! I love to support people in my backyard but things from far flung corners of the world also make me so happy. I think blending both creates the most beautiful style and spaces.

What is your favorite Alto Feature?

I love controlling the music! I’ve tried them all and seriously love all of the vibes. I also adore the Alli K car from the look to the photo booth feature. The fact Alto supports a local artist (who happens to be one of my dearest pals) also makes my heart SO happy!

How do you Alto?

I’ve used Alto many times! I took it to the airport on a recent trip to and from Morocco. I took it to and from the Kacey Musgraves concert recently too. Thinking back, Alto has actually been a part of some of my most favorite experiences!

What is your “vibe”?

I’m very laid-back bohemian with a small dose of glam when I’m feeling fancy.

Emily Bernet