Alto | Rideshare. Refined.

We are elevating the standard for passenger safety. Learn about our commitment to Clean, Safe Rides. 

We built Alto on three important values


Your safety should be the standard. With 5-star crash rated SUVs, professional employee drivers and real-time video monitoring, Alto is here to keep you and your loved ones safe on the road.


Every Alto is cleaned between passengers and protected by industry-leading equipment, technology, and cleaning procedures including EPA-registered disinfectants and HEPA cabin air filters.


We are not a technology company, we are a service company. We use technology to help deliver a dependable service, ensuring that our team and fleet work in concert to create an exceptional experience every time.

Letter from the founders

People often ask us how Alto is different, and it’s simple. It boils down to three things: safety, consistency, and hospitality. These values guide everything we do at Alto, from the service we’ve designed to the way we hire and train our team. We believe that when it comes to ridesharing, your safety should be a given and your in-car experience should matter. We want people to start expecting more. That’s why we built Alto, to bring hospitality to transportation by creating a service-oriented, branded mobility option that produces an exceptional experience every time.

Will Coleman, CEO | Alex Halbardier, CCO