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Book your ride.

This is your starting place for every ride you take with Alto. Book your ride 10-15 minutes in advance and relax until we arrive.

  1. Search for your destination or
  2. Choose from frequently used locations (set your frequent destinations by tapping the profile icon in the bottom left corner and navigating to settings)

Confirm your exact location by

  1. Searching or
  2. Dragging the pin

Tap book and relax.

We’ll always pick you up in 10-15 minutes and wait as long as you need.

All the details you need are below the booking screen. Once your Alto is booked, swipe up to get to know your ride.


More than a friendly face.

  1. Get to know our Alto family while you wait.
  2. Need to contact your driver? Just tap to give them a call.

We light up when we see you.

  1. Tap “Identify Vehicle” to make your car’s grille lights flash upon arrival.

Want an exact ETA?

  1. Track your ride as it approaches. We’ll send you a push notification when we arrive.

Your ride, your vibe.

  1. Swipe left or tap the icon in the bottom right of your screen to set your vibe. We’ve curated custom playlists with all your moods in mind. Tune in and drop out. 
  2. Engage do not disturb by tapping the switch to “on” when you want a quiet ride

Enjoy the ride

Your trip information is always in the app if you need it.


Your opinion drives us

  1. Let us know how we did. You can leave feedback after every ride.