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Zero Tolerance Policy

Alto has a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy for drivers. If you suspect that a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, request to END THE TRIP IMMEDIATELY. After the driver has ended the trip, call the authorities by dialing 911 or your local non-emergency assistance line.

Alto requests that any passenger who feels that their driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol file a prompt complaint by emailing Alto will take immediate action after receipt of the complaint. A link to the email above in conjunction with this policy can also be found on the Alto website.

If a driver is accused of being under the influence while on the Alto platform, Alto will conduct an internal investigation into the reported incident and immediately suspend the driver’s access to the company’s digital network for the duration of the investigation.

In addition, smoking is not permitted for drivers or passengers while in an Alto.

District of Columbia
If this relates to a driver in the District of Columbia, you may also contact the District of Columbia Taxicab Commission at or call (855) 484-4966 or (202) 645-7300.

If this relates to a driver in California, you may also contact the Passenger Section of the California Public Utilities Commission at or call (800) 894-9444.