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Alto: Accelerating the EV Transition

We’ve redefined the rules in rideshare, now we’re going green. Alto is committed to beginning our path to electrification by the end of 2023, with plans to become a vertically integrated, 100 percent electric ride-hail fleet.

Leading the charge

As one of the largest owned-vehicle ridesharing companies in the world, we understand the challenges facing fleet operators looking to transition to EVs — infrastructure. So while most EV infrastructure has been focused on personal vehicle charging, Alto is leading the charge in developing the first ever EV charging facility purpose built for commercial fleets. Our facilities will offer a full-fleet solution: DC fast charging, cleaning, maintenance, and driver lounge facilities.

The power of vertical integration

There aren’t enough EVs on the road because there isn’t enough charging infrastructure. There isn’t enough charging infrastructure because there aren’t enough EVs on the road. The transition to a fully EV fleet requires infrastructure to scale. As a vertically integrated ridesharing operator, Alto can invest in and utilize charging infrastructure with our own EV fleet. By owning and operating EV charging facilities, Alto will be able to advance its own transition to electrification as well as move the broader industry forward.

Just getting started

We are building the first EV Ops Center near our headquarters in Dallas, TX. It will support the charging needs of our EV fleet in Dallas with over 2.5 megawatts of fast charging, on-site maintenance and cleaning facilities, and a driver lounge. Our vision is to have charging facilities across the United States to support a fully electric fleet.

Join the Rideshare Revolution

If you are interested in partnering with us to accelerate the transition to a green ridesharing industry and transform the future of mobility, please reach out to

“We cannot lead the industry without making it more sustainable and climate conscious. The future of mobility lies with reducing our carbon footprint, and we are proud that Alto is working toward this transition with a vertically integrated solution.”
- Will Coleman
Alto’s Chief Executive Officer